Friday, October 10, 2008

Positive Poll Portends Possible Party Potential . . . .

On CTV's local noon news show yesterday they had a segment on "Battleground BC" that featured local competitive ridings in the federal election. (Apologies to Dana as this bit of info was gleaned from CTV here in Vancouver before his decision.)

I was able to snatch the following two graphics off the clip as I found them both very interesting.

The first shows the period of time from September 22 through October 8 and the rise and fall of all four parties. Bear in mind, these polls are reflective on polling BC residents only, hence the name "Battleground BC."

The reporter, Jim Beatty in Victoria, then produced the next graphic showing the incredible correlation between the fall of the conservative's poll numbers to the fall in the Toronto Stock Exchange during the same period.

Looks like stevie's timing in calling an election could use some work.

Kind of makes one wonder if the rest of the country might have a similar correlation?

Just askin' . . . .


Anonymous said...

We can only hope... I almost wish this economic crisis could happened a few weeks earlier, in which more people get to see the incompetant of the Harper government. Just hope this is enough to at least make it another conservative minority, in which Stevie will have to step down.

West End Bob said...

Sorata, since "drf" and I can't vote yet, we're counting on you to vote against harperco, please.

Thanks . . . . :)