Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paper Shredder, Nick ? ? ? ?

Man, this financial fiasco is really getting out of hand. Even world leaders are feeling the effects now.

Per Canoe Network:

Thieves hack Sarkozy's account
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - October 19, 2008

PARIS - The French Cabinet's spokesman says "swindlers" have broken into the personal bank account of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Spokesman Luc Chatel told France's Radio-J an investigation is under way and insists the incident "proves that this system of checking (bank accounts) via the Internet isn't infallible." He did not elaborate.

Weekly Journal du Dimanche reported Sunday that thieves seized Sarkozy's bank account information and swiped small sums of money.


The press service for Sarkozy's office declined comment.

Maybe an infusion of government funds into the system will rectify the situation.

Sure hope 'Ole Nick isn't making any loan applications soon.

Expensive gifts to Carla Bruni might have to be reconsidered . . . .

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